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VoIP Providers Ireland

VoIP Providers Ireland

Looking for VoIP Providers in Ireland? Understand VoiP and Data Circuits

SIP VoIP, is a high quality, reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service. A SIP Trunk from Conversation Piece, a very experienced expert VoIP providers, connects directly to all newer phone systems or via a gateway device to older installations and reduces or replaces your requirement for expensive legacy ISDN, FRA, PRA and Analogue Lines.

  • Conversation Piece, One of the Leading VoIP Providers in Ireland

    These VoIP circuits can be provided over your existing internet connection or, if you want guaranteed call quality and uninterrupted service, they can be provided over a high speed, dedicated internet connection.

    Connections provided by Conversation Piece can be designed to accommodate your voice and your data circuit requirements. We are a cutting edge telecommunications and data solutions company offering VoIP in Ireland in addition to providing multiple hosted and support services to our clients.

  • Significant Savings with SIP VoIP Services at Your Fingertips

    The most obvious, although perhaps not the most significant savings with business VoIP services are the savings you will make on call costs. With a SIP VoIP service, you should expect to achieve savings of up to sixty percent when measured against traditional fixed line providers, or up to twenty-five percent when measured against other online providers, such as Skype™.

    When making a comparison between VoIP providers and traditional fixed line providers, be sure to factor in any fixed line service costs. Fixed line service providers often charge customers to gain access to preferential pricing. One of the key benefits of using a SIP VoIP service for example, is that there is no line rental fee.

    To find out more about what we can offer you or if you have any queries about our services, contact Conversation Piece today by Calling 1800 300 678.


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